Honestly American

You’ll hear a lot of companies claim that their products are “made in America,” when all they do is assemble their final product here.

When we say that we are Honestly American, we mean that our products are made here using American-made raw materials.

We don’t just look for American companies for the components we use to make our products but for everything we do with our business—from shipping boxes to plastic bags. American manufacturing has long been synonymous with quality and we believe that our partnership with American companies allows us to bring you the highest quality end product possible.

If there are times we can’t find a quality American-made component, we will always be open and honest about that.

For us, Honestly American is both a business model and a cause. We choose to do business with suppliers and manufacturers that aspire to the same standards.

Materials We Use

When you buy from Boxer Tactical, you are supporting companies and jobs in the following communities:

Materials Origin Country Origin City/ State
Nylon Webbing USA Pennsylvania
BioThane® Coated Webbing USA North Ridgeville, Ohio
Velcro® Brand Hook & Loop USA Manchester, New Hampshire
Velcro® Brand Veltex® Loop Fabric USA/Mexico
Magnets USA Ohio
Thread USA North Carolina
Kevlar Cordage USA Pennsylvania
Apogee Buckle™ USA Traverse City, MI
QD Swivel USA Oregon
Steel V-Ring Buckle USA Connecticut
Cobra Buckle Austria Fulpmes
ITW Military Products USA Connecticut, Wisconsin
ITW Nexus Buckles USA Illinois
All Woven Labels USA California
Printed Labels USA Los Angeles, California
Stickers USA Indiana/Colorado
Hang Tags USA Torrance, California
Product Boxes USA AZ, MI
Poly Packing Tape Canada
Printing for Poly Packing Tape USA New Jersey
Kraft Packing Tape USA  Menasha, Wisconsin
Plastic Bags USA Indiana
T-Shirts USA CA, NC
Printing for T-Shirts USA Traverse City, Michigan
Knit Hats USA Anaheim, California
Embroidery Work USA Traverse City, Michigan

Creating high-quality, dependable products through an open and transparent manufacturing process—that’s what being Honestly American is all about.